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Monday, 27 April 2020
That time I got to hold a baby kangaroo! 😍

Hello!!!!!  Welcome to my new blog, Kinder Crazy with Mrs. Cassady!  I can’t believe I’m actually writing my first blog post!  It has taken me 2 years of thinking about it to actually do it (I know—totally ridiculous!).  But, I’m glad you’re here and I took the plunge!

So, let me introduce myself.  I am Heather Cassady (aka Mrs. Cassady to my Kinderbabies), I teach kindergarten, and am crazy about it!  I was born and raised in Kentucky where I still reside and bleed blue—Go Wildcats!  Teaching is my passion and what I LOVE LOVE LOVE to do!  I love kids and being around them and it makes me feel happy, whole, and complete inside!  Kids are so full of life and carefree that I couldn’t imagine a different group of people I would want to spend all day with! <3

Here's a little throwback to my own kindergarten years!

I have officially been teaching for 11 years and the past 10 of those years have been spent in kindergarten—my favorite place to be!  I have had experience with grades K-8 through other various positions including my student teaching, substitute teaching (several times I was a long-term sub for different grade level positions), and as an interventionist at the elementary level.  Prior to teaching kindergarten, I taught 5th grade for one year--talk about a culture shock when moving from 5th grade to kindergarten!  Whew!

Here I am dressed as Pete the Cat in "Pete the Cat Rocking in My School Shoes" for Character Dress Up Day!
I’ve always enjoyed writing, but as an adult I haven’t really found an outlet for that.  So, I’m hoping that with this blog I can write about doing the things I truly love!  I don’t claim to be the best teacher or know it all.  I just love to share ideas, collaborate, and get ideas from others—you know how teachers are famous for the line “beg, borrow, steal” to create their own lessons! haha I will also be sharing snippets of my real teacher life (because we are still people after all!), lesson ideas, crafts, and fun activities you can use with your kindergarten class (and that can be modified for other grade levels).

Thank you for following me this far and I hope you are as excited as me for more posts this week!  Be sure to put in your email and subscribe for updates.  You can also follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and visit my TPT Store.  I will be sharing a freebie with you tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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