Three for Thursday

Thursday, 30 April 2020
Here I am with my Kinder-besties, Mrs. McGinnis and Mrs. Fletcher!

It’s hard to believe it’s already Thursday!  This week has flown by!  Like all teachers, I have some favorite online resources that I use often and wanted to share with you.  They’re my go to—sometimes for my job and sometimes just for fun!  So here are three of my favorite things:

1)   My favorite online resource is Teachers Pay Teachers!  Y’all are amazing and the resources you put out are often a lifesaver to us all!  I love that when I have an idea, I can go there and search for it.  Sometimes what I need isn’t there, but I can usually find something that will spark my creativity if I need to create my own resource.  Sometimes I find exactly what I need and just click that purchase button and I’m ready to roll!

2)   My favorite app that I often use for flyers and announcements is PicCollage.  I’m sure there are TONS of awesome apps out there, but this one is my favorite and I couldn’t survive without it.  I use it for social media posts/reminders, flyers for school events (online and printables to pass out), and sometimes just to make a pretty graphic to catch someone’s attention online.  I can do it all on my phone, so it's always there within my reach.  This app is totally free (although you can upgrade) and can be used for so many things!  Here is an example of something I threw together recently to post on our social media pages for our students.

3)   The last of my favorites is going to be my favorite blog and vlog.  So, it’s actually 2 favorites……yes, I broke the rule and am actually giving you 4 favorites today.  You’ll soon realize that I am sometimes a rule breaker and that’s just how I roll. Haha 

Anyway, my favorite teacher blog is The Kindergarten Smorgasboard.  I have followed his blog for a couple of years and Mr. Greg has so many great ideas!  He has tons of awesome lessons, videos, resources, and just so much stuff.  If you have never checked them out, now is the time!  They often host online webinars as well, so it’s a great PD opportunity!

My favorite vlog actually belongs to a good friend of mine and is called Cori In Charge.  I have known Cori pretty much her whole life (I'm older than her) and she was actually a student teacher in my classroom a few years ago.  She is a preschool teacher and has such a fun personality--always having a good time wherever she goes!  She has lots of great videos about everyday life, so if you haven’t checked her out, visit her YouTube channel and subscribe!

Those are just a few of my favorites for you!  I would love to hear about some of your favorites, so feel free to share in the comments!  When you know about something awesome, the best thing you can do is share it with others!

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