Where It All Goes Down Wednesday

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Teachers LOVE to see each other teacher’s classroom pictures!  I especially love that time of year right before school starts when everyone is creating new things and making their classroom better than the year before.  It’s always neat to see how people implement thing differently, yet it still works for them!  So, I figured today would be a great day to show you some things from my classroom! 

My classroom is mostly left behind remnants of the March Madness that kindergarten can bring.  It looks exactly how I left it on that Friday the 13th before we started online learning due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.  It’s not perfect or Pinterest-worthy, but it’s been an engaging learning environment for my Kinders this past school year.  Our classroom definitely has that “lived in” look, and I’m okay with that.  So, even though it’s not in perfect condition, I headed on up to take some pictures of some of the things I really liked about my classroom this year to share with you.

1)    Trade Books Unit Dividers
Every two weeks, I begin a new thematic unit.  I found some awesome dividers from Oriental Trading so that I could organize my books by units to find them quickly.  The kids know they are not allowed to get books from this bookshelf, so that helps with the organization.

2)    Reading Center
This is the reading center that the students are allowed to use.  The rug you see here is definitely getting tossed this summer because it has had a rough year! Lol I do realize the absolute mess on the bottom half of the shelf is probably freaking some of you out, but that’s some real life for you right there!  A few times a week I have one of the kids straighten up their reading center bookshelf, but obviously it didn’t happen on that last day.  The scoop chairs came from Walmart (I need to remove those stickers).

3)    Writing Center
This is my new favorite thing in my classroom this year!  It has really encouraged my students to write in so many different ways.  There is an awesome bundle from Deedee Wills on TPT.  Click to see the bundle here or you can buy one month at a time.  They are so great once you have them all laminated and cut out because it’s as simple as changing it out each month!  The prep work is pretty much done for years ahead!  Also, you can get the cute banner at the top here from The Unique Classroom.  It is editable!  The paper tray and pencil cups are all from Really Good Stuff!

4)    Morning Tubs Chart
When my students come in each morning and put their backpacks and folders away, they know to get their morning tub (I'll have a post about these later).  It's part of their daily routine to get their day started quickly. This chart shows each student what number tub to do that day.  Their partner stays the same for a while until I decide to switch things up.  I love these little picture magnets I ordered from Shutterfly (I got them when there was a $1 sale+free shipping!) because they’re cute and everyone can see their partner and morning tub number at a glance.  The number labels are editable labels I found here on TPT by The Creative Classroom.

5)    Homework Folder Baskets on the Wall
These awesome baskets came from Ikea.  When the students come in each morning, they put their homework folder in the basket before they can start their morning tub.  These are the perfect size for these folders!  It’s part of their daily routine and really helps keep our classroom organized.

Hopefully when this Pandemic is over and the dust settles, I will get to go back to my classroom for a fresh start.  And just maybe I’ll have some Pinterest-worthy pictures for you then!  So be sure to keep your eyes peeled this summer for new beginnings!

I’d love to see some of your classroom pictures, so please feel free to go to the Facebook page and post some in the thread for us!

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