Birthday Celebrations at School

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Birthdays are such a big deal for kids.  It’s a special day that is all theirs and they love to celebrate!  I’m all about having a good time, so I try to do it up big and make their day super special!

I always have the birthday goodies made up ahead of time.  This is something I do in the summer before school starts, so I am ready at all times during the school year!  I have several things that I do, but they are just small little treats that are such a big deal to the kids. I like to have their desk decorated when they walk into the classroom.  It’s nothing crazy or over the top, but I like to have their birthday goodies laid out for them at the start of the day.  They get so excited when they walk in and see their desk and I love seeing their face light up! 


1)   I create a birthday cup full of fun goodies for the students to receive on their birthday.  I make enough up for the whole class to last me all year, then I tuck them away in a cabinet so I can just grab them when needed.  In the cup I have a birthday sticker (from Really Good Stuff), birthday bracelet (from Really Good Stuff), confetti, candy (Starburst, Skittles, small fruity candy like that), some wadded up tissue paper acting as “whipped cream” and a Tootsie Pop on top.  This is always a fun little gift and the kids love it!

2)   They always get a birthday hat.  I don’t have a specific one I use all the time.  If I catch one on sale, I usually grab a pack or two.  Sometimes I make them.  It doesn’t really matter to the kids what they look like as long as it is something that goes on their head and lets everyone know it is their birthday!

3)   I love giving a giant Pixy Stix with a balloon topper that serves as a birthday balloon.  You could also attach the “balloon” to a crazy straw or anything else you’d like.  I got this super cute balloon file here on TPT and it is editable!  I invested in it several years ago and use it year after year!  These always turn out super cute on some colored cardstock and makes a great photo op to share with parents to remember this special day!

4)   I had this super cute birthday sign made for my classroom.  The black section is chalk paint, so I can fill in their name and age using a chalk marker.  I have lots of fun colors, so it always turns out great and makes a great picture!

5)   The last thing we do for birthdays is that we always sing and blow out a candle!  I have this really neat candle that looks like a tiered cake someone gave me years ago (I have no idea where you can purchase one).  I turn out the lights, the class sings, they make a wish, and then the birthday boy or girl blows the candle out while the class claps and cheers.  It’s such a special moment and one of my favorites for their birthday!

So, those are the things I typically do to help students celebrate their birthday at school.  There isn’t any right or wrong way to do it—just something that makes them stand out and feel special on their day.  Sometimes the parents want to bring in a special snack and we allow that as long as they follow the snack guidelines.  What do you do with your students to help them celebrate their special day?


*Note: Often, there are students that do not celebrate birthdays due to religious reasons, and I always request this info at the beginning of the year so I know this ahead of time.  I respect the parent’s wishes and if they do not want any sort of celebrating, then we just go about the day as normal.  They are also not required to participate in the celebration of any other student's birthday, so I always talk with each parent individually and set those boundaries in the beginning.

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