Time Capsule Project

Monday, 1 June 2020

Whew!  This past week has been a busy one, but the school year is officially over.  I got to go back to work, minus the kids of course.  I was glad to get back and see all my co-workers and I finished up all my end of the year tasks.  I talked about the way I closed the year out with my students on my last blog post.  After they were able to come pick up their personal belongings, I still had to work one more week to tie up any loose ends.

One of the last projects we did was The Time Capsule Project.  The Time Capsule project is one of my favorite projects and I tweaked it a little last year to make it more personal for my students and our school. Last year was the first time I had ever done this project and I’m excited to continue it every year!  Basically, each child puts things inside the time capsule (pictures, art, writing pieces, etc.) and then I put it up to store it until those students graduate from our school in 6th grade.  At that time, we will pass it down to their 6th grade classes, let them open it up, and see how they’ve grown and changed! 

This was what we had inside last year's box.  It looks a little messy, but I think it'll be fun for the kids to go through in the future.

The end of the year is a very busy time, so this project usually feels a little rushed.  But that’s okay because it’s not about necessarily creating something new, but just putting in something you previously did during the school year!  This year ended a little differently so I gave my students a blank template to complete and put in the time capsule.  Here is a super cute one from TPT that works perfectly for this!  The students were also encouraged to bring a picture, drawing, or work sample for the time capsule on the day they picked up their graduation items from the classroom.  The only thing they really had to do was drop it in the box and it’s done!  Don't stress yourself out over organization as long as everything has a student name on it.  That'll be part of the fun when they go back through the box the year they graduate!

A large pizza box is perfect to put the items in!  I need to design a super cute sign to tape on the front of the boxes!

We have three kindergarten classes at our school.  As the years pass, the students will not always remain in the same class together.  So, rather than have 3 boxes to keep up with each year, we put all the time capsule items from all three classes together in one box.  That means we only have one box to store and keep up with, which is less storage space and not as much concern about misplacing the time capsule.  For store, I use a pizza box, which gave us plenty of room for items, and it is easy to store and place up on a shelf that is out of the way!

The pizza boxes fit perfectly on the top shelf of our storage room.  They are out of the way and shouldn't get lost since we don't typically move those items around up there.

I love this cute little project and can’t wait for the first year that the 6
th graders will get to open it!  It’s always neat to look back on pictures and drawings from years past and I expect the kids will enjoy seeing how much they have changed.  Do you do a time capsule project in your classroom?  What does your project look like?

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