Colorful Fridays: It's Red Day!

Friday, 11 September 2020

There are so many things to learn in kindergarten!  Although things are very different with having to teach virtually, I am still working super hard to teach it all and still make it fun.  One of my favorite beginning of the year activities the kids always love is learning their colors.


Honestly, most of them are able to recognize their colors when they come to kindergarten.  Sometimes they might get mixed up or have a little trouble, so it never hurts to review the colors, but we also work on recognizing and spelling the color words.  My kindergarten team decided to teach one color each week and then celebrate it on Fridays (we are all about the celebrations y’all!).  This is what we have done the past few years and it works for us!


We always start out with the color red.  The kids are usually able to recognize it and it’s the shortest color word to spell, so that makes it a good beginning place.  We have many different activities we do with the colors, as well as fun videos we watch throughout the week.  Of course, we have had to modify things a little due to virtual learning, but we still wanted to send some paper and pencil work home for the kids so they can get the full kindergarten experience.  On Friday, we are still celebrating by wearing a red crayon hat (or whatever the color of the week was), telling the kids to wear red clothing, and doing a red-themed Show and Tell!


These crayon hats are super cute and a freebie from Crayola Queen on TPT!  We copy them each week for the kiddos in whatever color we need, then they cut them out and glue on a sentence strip to make their hat.  We also had these cute shirts made in 8 different colors by our favorite shirt girl at Lulu’s Vinyl and Gifts!  She has an awesome new website and the shirts are listed here if you might be interested in purchasing the bundle of crayon shirts.  Get 10% off your total order by using the code kindercrazy (this code is good for anyone on any order)!  She offers local pickup if you live nearby or she can ship to you!  There are also lots of other awesome teacher t-shirts and you can even checkout with Sezzle (my favorite part so I can load up my cart and do 4 payments­čśé)!


It's Fri-yay and I look exhausted!  Virtual teaching isn't as easy as it looks!

So, while we are all celebrating in our red hats and red clothing (it’s always neat to see what the kiddos pull out of their closets), we have Red Show and Tell!  The kids are allowed to bring one item that is red to show the class.  They can’t show items of any other color and must wait until that week.  When it is their turn, they can show off whatever they brought to their classmates and tell them something about it.  They usually bring toys and plushies for this, but that is perfectly fine (you can make your own rules).  They are only allowed to have it out during Show and Tell.  

Since this is starting out as a virtual activity (I’m still holding out hope for going back to school in person), the kids presented over Google Meet.  This is a great time to get them comfortable talking in front of their classmates.  They are usually so excited to show off their toy (or whatever item they have), that they don’t even think about it!  Each week they are presenting in front of the class and working on public speaking skills, as well as practicing their listening skills when they listen to their other classmates present!  It’s a win-win situation and amazing to see them build confidence week after week!

These shirts also make super cute Halloween costumes!

Crayon shirts by Lulu's Vinyl and Gifts
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