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Friday, 26 February 2021


I have a HUGE announcement and I'm so excited to share it with you!  We are expanding!  Kinder Crazy now offers its very own monthly subscription box, perfect for teachers, homeschool parents, librarians, and anyone filling similar roles.

Each month, I will release a new Kinder Crazy Subscription Box that will include a children's book to use as a read aloud with ready-to-use activities that are centered around the book, its characters, or a specific theme.  Classroom materials for many of these activities will be included with reproducible masters or a class set of copies that are ready to go.  In addition to all the classroom fun you get every month (reading, math, science, cross-curricular activities--the possibilities are endless!), there will be lots of goodies hand-picked and curated just for you!  There will always be a special teacher gift (think t-shirts, tote bags, tumblers, etc.) as well as some self-care items (and sometimes even a tasty treat) for you to enjoy!  Every box will be valued at well over $50, so you are always getting your money's worth!

The first box will be the April box, featuring the beautiful children's book, I Am Enough by Grace Byers.  I am so excited to share this book and all the fun activities with you, encouraging and supporting a positive mindset in children!  The box will be mailed out on March 25th, so you will receive it by the first of the month.  Typically, orders for each monthly box will end on the 15th of the previous month so everything can be packed and mailed out on the 25th to keep your subscription coming to you as smoothly as possible.

Pre-orders are currently open until March 1st and will receive exclusive items in your April box for showing your excitement and support for this new subscription box!  Ordering for the April box will close on March 15th so that I can pack and prepare all this amazingness for you!!!!!  Be sure that when you order, you select your current t-shirt size for this gorgeous tee in the April Box!

I know everyone is so anxious to see EVERYTHING in the box, but I hate to ruin all the surprises!  So, each month I will do a sneak peek of some of the items to give you some ideas.  I have posted the sneak peek for April's box already, so here it is again in case you missed it.

Make sure you follow both my accounts on Instagram so that you can watch as I post more sneak peeks of the items in my stories each month.  One account is Kinder Crazy Blog and the other is Kinder Crazy Box.  You can also like Kinder Crazy on Facebook.  Lots of fun and more content are posted on my pages throughout the week!

If you are ready to join the fun and give the new subscription box a try, head on over to place your order here!  I'm excited for you to join the fun and be sure to let me know if you have any questions!

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