Scavenger Hunt Birthday Surprise

Sunday, 21 February 2021

Waylon celebrated his 11th birthday last month.  This boy loves to party and loves having his friends together for some fun, so I knew he would be disappointed that he didn't get to have a birthday party....but I had something even better planned!  I was going to surprise him with a birthday trip!

His actual birthday was on a Tuesday, and during that time our school district was still participating in virtual learning.  So, he was stuck going to school with me everyday and working from my classroom while I was working and teaching virtually.  Some of his friends from class also have teacher parents (so they were in the same boat), and we decided to go eat after school and do a birthday dinner for him.  To his knowledge, that was my only plan for his birthday, and he was completely fine with that.

However, to his surprise, I had a little fun planned for him around lunchtime that day.  I had been planning a trip for him all along, but kept it a secret.  Of course, we know that anything can happen with COVID right now, so I had to work very hard to contain my excitement in case our trip got canceled for any reason.  I had decided to do a Scavenger Hunt with the help of some of my teacher besties and their kids.  I didn't want to make the clues hard and have Waylon frustrated, so I just tried to come up with some simple, fun rhymes.  Here are my clues I had for him.  Nothing fancy or cute, just fun on the fly!

Turns out that he loved my silly rhymes more than I expected!  He got his first clue from me and the game was on!

Waylon had help from Annaleigh and Emily, two of his best friends since preschool, and they are the ultimate hype girls! They were so excited and ran to each clue with him.  It was so funny because they each had their light sabers with them as they were running from room to room (or wherever the next clue was).

Mrs. Fletcher had a clue for the birthday boy!

I got some of the other teachers in on his birthday surprise and they each had one of the clues in their classroom.  He was definitely entertained by the fact that each of the clues had words that rhymed with the teacher's last names.

Mrs. Blackburn got in on the fun!

One clue was even out on the playground!

This scavenger hunt turned out to be way more fun than I ever imagined!  It was the perfect way to reveal his birthday surprise and give him a fun birthday memory!  I was working with limited space, so I didn't have anything super exciting planned for the big reveal, but he still seemed to love finding the final clue in my storage room! 😂 Guess it's not all about the wrapping, after all!

He was going to Disney World and he couldn't believe it!  The best part...we were leaving on Friday!  So, he only had to wait a few more days and started counting down immediately.  He is a Star Wars fan, so seeing everything in Galaxy's Edge is a dream come true for him.  Stay tuned for more pictures and a post about our actual trip, which was amazing!  In the meantime, if you are interested in planning a trip of your own or to just get some pricing, contact Pixie Dust by Ernay, who is the most amazing Disney Planner ever and completely free to use!

Mrs. Davis is a Disney lover, too, so she was very excited to be part of the scavenger hunt!

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