Spring Has Sprung

Sunday, 11 April 2021

Whew!  Life has been busy!  We finally got back to full time learning in person and I haven't had a chance to even look up!  It has been a wild ride these last few weeks, but it has been the best feeling ever to be back in the classroom full of students!  If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen a lot of what we have been up to, but I figured I'd give everyone an update just in case you've missed out.

Since we have been back in the classroom, we had a chance to celebrate Read Across America Week, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, and now we are on Spring Break.  Told ya it's been hectic!  It's been so much fun to be able to bring out all the fun activities to do with the students.

Read Across America Week was during our first week back and things were a little thrown off by some weather issues.  Fortunately, we were able to postpone the fun during the next week and I was still able to cram in some fun activities.

The next week was St. Patrick's Day, so there was more fun to be had!  Here is a look at some of the fun activities we did this year.

This past week was the week before Easter and spring break.  My class was so hyped for Easter this year, and we made sure that we had as much fun as possible.  Here is a look at how our week went.  You can also find other fun videos on my Instagram account, including a look into our "Peep Day."

These last few weeks have felt like August in March/April.  We have had to adjust and spent lots of time going over rules and procedures while trying to continue with the things we normally do this time of year.  I plan to take time to rest up during Spring Break and be ready for the last few weeks of the school year.  We still have lots of exciting things coming up in our classroom, so stay tuned because we may just have some eggs hatching next week!

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