About Me

Hi, I'm Heather! (aka Mrs. Cassady to my Kinderbabies), I teach kindergarten, and am crazy about it!  I was born and raised in Kentucky where I still reside and bleed blue—Go Wildcats!  Teaching is my passion and what I LOVE LOVE LOVE to do!  I love kids and being around them and it makes me feel happy, whole, and complete inside!  Kids are so full of life and carefree that I couldn’t imagine a different group of people that I would want to spend all day with! <3

I have officially been teaching for 11 years and the past 10 of those years have been spent in kindergarten—my favorite place to be!  I have had experience with grades K-8 through various positions including my student teaching, substitute teaching (several times I was a long-term sub for different grade level positions), and as an interventionist at the elementary level.  Prior to teaching kindergarten, I taught 5th grade for one year--talk about culture shock when moving from 5th to kindergarten!  Whew!

I’ve always enjoyed writing, but as an adult I haven’t really found an outlet for that.  So, I’m hoping that with this blog I can write about doing the things I truly love!  I don’t claim to be the best teacher or know it all.  I just love to share ideas and collaborate with others.  Teachers are great at sharing!  Hope you enjoy my blog!

This is a pic I took with my little brother on Historical Day when he was in kindergarten and I was his teacher.  We were Sally Ride and Neil Armstrong!

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